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Scott Krone Honored for 10 Years of Service

Bremerton, Washington – November 29, 2017. Scott “Scotty” Krone, Network Analyst for Paratransit Services, was honored by the nonprofit company today “For 10 Years of Dedicated Service.”

Mr. Krone first joined Paratransit Services in May 2007 as part of the Technical Services Department. A Network Analyst, he assists Paratransit Services’ staff at several locations throughout Washington, Oregon, and Northern California with wide-ranging computer-related needs. A stalwart of the company’s “Help Desk,” Mr. Krone is adept at troubleshooting, and greatly appreciated by his Paratransit Services coworkers.

During a ceremony held at company headquarters in Bremerton, Washington, Mr. Krone was presented with an award plaque and other gifts by Wayne Evans, Paratransit Services Information Technology Director. In presenting “Scotty” with the award, Mr. Evans read from several appreciative notes he had received from our General Managers. Here is a sampling of their comments:

"Scotty has always provided great service to us… When we needed new computers or anything computer-related, he has always been on the ball and got things done right away."

"Just want to thank him for making BASIC computer language knowledgeable to us."

"He is kind and patient when troubleshooting…"

"I think if you look up the word “patience” in the dictionary, it’s spelled 's-c-o-t-t' and 'y.' "

"He walked into a building with no network cables, no phones, no computers, and no dispatching software. Scotty coordinated the design, installation, and testing of all those components in a timely and efficient manner. His help was integral to the successful startup…"

In addition to Mr. Evans, CEO David Baker and other corporate staff were in attendance to congratulate Mr. Krone.

Wayne Evans (left), Scott Krone

IT Director Wayne Evans (left) presents Network Analyst Scott Krone with award “For 10 Years of Dedicated Service.”

Paratransit Services Honors 22nd Annual “Bill Dane Award” Winner

Medford, Oregon – June 2017. Paratransit Services has given the Bill Dane Award, its highest professional performance appreciation award, to Steven Lamb, driver for the company’s “Valley Lift” ADA accessible transit system contract based in Medford, Oregon. Mr. Lamb becomes the 22nd recipient of the annual award, which is named for the late William R. “Bill” Dane, a former Paratransit Services driver who exemplified the spirit of customer service (and who came to be affectionately known by his passengers as “the singing bus driver”.

To be eligible for the Award, which is presented to only one person each year, a candidate must have been employed by Paratransit Services for at least 3 years, and during that time have demonstrated dependability, congeniality, competency, and a professional demeanor.

Since joining Paratransit Services in 2005, Mr. Lamb has twice received Driver of the Year honors. In nominating him for the Bill Dane award, Jason Ligons, Paratransit Services General Manager in Medford, noted that Steven’s “professional demeanor, dedication and attention to detail are a valuable asset for any company and we are extremely lucky to have him on our team.”

Presenting Mr. Lamb with the award during a June 22 ceremony at the company’s location in Medford, were Paratransit Services President/CEO David Baker and Board of Directors Secretary/Treasurer Ken Mahan.

Paratransit Services has operated Valley Lift under contract with Rogue Valley Transportation District since October 2005.

Steven Lamb, Bill Dane Award honoree

l to r: David Baker, President/CEO; Steven Lamb, Bill Dane Award honoree; Ken Mahan, Paratransit Services Board of Directors member

2016 President's Merit Award Recipients Chosen

Bremerton, Washington; Red Bluff and San Andreas, California, Summer 2017. The Paratransit Services President's Merit Award is conferred annually to acknowledge one or more employees for outstanding individual performance and for making important contributions to the company's success. Honorees are selected from nominations submitted by management throughout the organization. For 2016, the President’s Award recipients are Patricia Minisci, Beth Thornbrue, and Antero “Ace” Acierto.

Patricia Minisci. Ms. Minisci started with Paratransit Services in March 2010 as a Customer Service Representative for our NEMT Brokerage call center in Bremerton, Washington. In September 2014 she transferred to the Billing Department, where she quickly became a valuable member of the billing team. When the NEMT Brokerage call center transitioned to new software the following year, the Billing Department rose to the challenge of adapting to the new system. With a friendly and pleasant attitude, Patricia carefully guided her ride provider subcontractors through the new billing process. In nominating Patricia, NEMT Brokerage General manager Ann Kennedy noted that Patricia “is amazing to work with!”

Beth Thornbrue. Paratransit Services operates the public transit system, “TRAX” and “ParaTRAX,” serving Tehama County, California, from a facility in the city of Red Bluff. Beth Thornbrue was nominated for the President’s Award by our Red Bluff General Manager, Sharon Young, who noted that Beth has excellent attention to detail as a dispatcher, and a conscientious work ethic. In addition to dispatching, Ms. Thornbrue is also a driver and a trained driver tester, two skills which have contributed greatly to the smooth operation of the transit program in Red Bluff. As noted by her General Manager, Ms. Thornbrue wears “many hats.” She is a valuable member of the team in Red bluff, and well deserving of the President’s Award!

Antero Acierto. Paratransit Services also operates Calaveras Transit, serving communities throughout Calaveras County, California, from a facility in the community of San Andreas. Antero “Ace” Acierto was nominated by San Andreas General Manager Cynthia Lawrence, who noted that he is a safe driver who consistently goes above and beyond to provide excellent service to the Calaveras Transit ridership. As an example, when a group of first-time riders boarded the vehicle in Angels Camp headed to Murphys, Mr. Acierto played some recordings of old-school music, and they all began singing. The passengers commented that it was the best ride, and a great way to start their weekend! In nominating Mr. Acierto for the award, Ms. Lawrence commended him for “his commitment to our community, our team and our company.”

Michelle Lange Promoted to General Manager in Willows, California

Willows, California – April 10, 2017. Michelle Lange has been promoted to the position of General Manager for Paratransit Services’ Glenn Transit operation, based in the city of Willows, California.

Ms. Lange started with Paratransit Services as a bus driver for Glenn Transit in 2006, when we first began operations in Glenn County. She moved to the position of Dispatcher the next year. With a keen interest in bus safety issues, Michelle completed courses in various training topics, and became certified by the National Safety Council to train First Aid/CPR and Defensive Driving, and also by the Transportation Safety Institute as a Bus Operator Trainer.

In 2008, in recognition of her demonstrated skill as a driver and her training qualifications, she was promoted to the position of Road Supervisor/Trainer, where she ensured that our drivers in Glenn County were well trained in the safe operation of their service vehicles, and were well prepared for emergency situations.

With over 10 years experience as a driver, Dispatcher, and Road Supervisor/Trainer for Paratransit Services in Glenn County, Michelle was more than ready to assume the role of General Manager when the position opened up this month. Few people understand the transit needs of the County as well as Michelle, and she is looking forward to her new role as our General Manager in Willows, working with the Regional Transit Committee, and staying involved with the communities served by Glenn Transit.

Michelle Lange, our new General Manager in Willows, California.

Michelle Lange, Paratransit Services' new General Manager in Willows, California.