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Shiela Barefield Honored for 25 Years of Service

Bremerton, Washington – May 17, 2018. Shiela “Shel” Barefield, Transportation Specialist for Paratransit Services, was honored by the Bremerton-based nonprofit company today “For 25 Years of Dedicated Service.”

Ms. Barefield first joined Paratransit Services in May 1993 as a part-time Screener/Scheduler for the company’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) ride provider operation, known internally as “Kitsap Ops.” She eventually transitioned to the brokerage side of the program, and became a full-time Customer Service Representative. In 1996 she was promoted to the position of Transportation Specialist for the company’s most populous NEMT county, Pierce County, which includes the city of Tacoma.

In commending Ms. Barefield for her outstanding service to the NEMT clients, Brokerage General Manager Ann Kennedy wrote that Shiela “knows which transportation provider best serves certain areas of the County and which clients should ride-share together, and she keeps most of this in her head,” adding that on many occasions Shiela can find transportation solutions faster than the brokerage software can do it!

Shiela’s great customer service skills were previously recognized in 2005, when she was presented with the company’s highest annual customer service award, the “Bill Dane Award.” Only one recipient annually is selected for this honor, named after a former Paratransit Services bus driver, Bill Dane. Shiela always keeps the client's needs foremost, and takes quiet satisfaction in knowing that she is helping to improve the quality of life for people who call her.

President/CEO David Baker presented Ms. Barefield with a recognition plaque and a pin during a staff gathering in the company's Bremerton call center.

Shiela Barefield Honored for 25 Years of Service

Paratransit Services President/CEO David Baker presents Transportation Specialist Shiela Barefield with award “For 25 Years of Dedicated Service.”

Paratransit Services Honors 23rd Annual “Bill Dane Award” Winner

Lower Lake, California – April 30, 2018. Paratransit Services has given the 2017 Bill Dane Award, its highest annual professional performance appreciation award, to Karl Parker, Mobility Programs Coordinator for the company’s contract with Lake Transit Authority (LTA) in Lake County, California.

Mr. Parker has been with Paratransit Services since first hired as a Lake Transit driver in 2014. He proved to be a very community service-minded professional, and by the Spring of 2015, he was well prepared to become Paratransit Services’ Mobility Programs Coordinator for a new project with LTA, “Lake Links,” to assist County residents with their Non-Emergent Medical Transportation (NEMT) needs.

Through his coordination efforts, a volunteer driver-based ride assistance program (“Pay Your Pal”) was started, and over $700,000 in federal grant funding has been secured to develop mobility programs and expanded NEMT services for County residents. As he continues to move the Lake Links program forward, Mr. Parker has become an active participant in community forums representing alternative transportation options.

In recommending Mr. Parker for the Bill Dane Award, Paratransit Services’ General Manager in Lower Lake, Wanda Gray, noted that Karl that is “the perfect fit for this mission,” and LTA General manager Mark Wall wrote that Karl “is able to enlist the efforts of others because they trust his motivation to improve services for seniors, disabled, and others in need of transportation.”

Mr. Parker becomes the 23rd recipient of the annual award, which is named for the late William R. “Bill” Dane, a former Paratransit Services driver who exemplified the spirit of customer service.

Presenting the award during an April 30 ceremony at the company’s location in Lower Lake, California, were Paratransit Services Board of Directors President Bill Mahan; Paratransit Services President/CEO David Baker, and Paratransit Services General Manager for Lake Transit, Wanda Gray.

Paratransit Services has operated Lake Transit since July 2007.

Bill Dane Award presentation

l to r: President/CEO David Baker, Award recipient Karl Parker, Board of Directors President Bill Mahan, and General Manager Wanda Gray.

Scott Krone Honored for 10 Years of Service

Bremerton, Washington – November 29, 2017. Scott “Scotty” Krone, Network Analyst for Paratransit Services, was honored by the nonprofit company today “For 10 Years of Dedicated Service.”

Mr. Krone first joined Paratransit Services in May 2007 as part of the Technical Services Department. A Network Analyst, he assists Paratransit Services’ staff at several locations throughout Washington, Oregon, and Northern California with wide-ranging computer-related needs. A stalwart of the company’s “Help Desk,” Mr. Krone is adept at troubleshooting, and greatly appreciated by his Paratransit Services coworkers.

During a ceremony held at company headquarters in Bremerton, Washington, Mr. Krone was presented with an award plaque and other gifts by Wayne Evans, Paratransit Services Information Technology Director. In presenting “Scotty” with the award, Mr. Evans read from several appreciative notes he had received from our General Managers. Here is a sampling of their comments:

"Scotty has always provided great service to us… When we needed new computers or anything computer-related, he has always been on the ball and got things done right away."

"Just want to thank him for making BASIC computer language knowledgeable to us."

"He is kind and patient when troubleshooting…"

"I think if you look up the word “patience” in the dictionary, it’s spelled 's-c-o-t-t' and 'y.' "

"He walked into a building with no network cables, no phones, no computers, and no dispatching software. Scotty coordinated the design, installation, and testing of all those components in a timely and efficient manner. His help was integral to the successful startup…"

In addition to Mr. Evans, CEO David Baker and other corporate staff were in attendance to congratulate Mr. Krone.

Wayne Evans (left), Scott Krone

IT Director Wayne Evans (left) presents Network Analyst Scott Krone with award “For 10 Years of Dedicated Service.”

Diane Marsyla Honored for 20 Years of Service

Longview, Washington – May 2018. Diane Marsyla, transit driver for Paratransit Services in Longview, Washington, was honored by the Bremerton-based nonprofit company “For 20 Years of Dedicated Service.”

Ms. Marsyla first joined Paratransit Services in May 1998. In addition to driving full time for the company’s contract to provide ADA transit service in the Longview-Kelso area, she has volunteered to help on her days off to meet customer demand, and to become involved in community activities. For example, Ms. Marsyla assisted with an employee event for the Humane Society and delivered over 500 pounds of dog and kitty food!

A valued member of the company’s "RiverCities LIFT" team in Longview, Ms. Marsyla has received the company’s “President’s Award," an honor conferred annually to employees for outstanding individual performance and for making important contributions to the company's success. Also, and most importantly, she recently received recognition for her exemplary safe driving record!

President/CEO David Baker presented Ms. Marsyla with a recognition plaque, a pin,and a gift card during a staff gathering in the company’s office in Longview.

CEO David Baker and Longview driver Diane Marsyla

Paratransit Services President/CEO David Baker presents driver Diane Marsyla with award “For 20 Years of Dedicated Service.”