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Grant Holiday Honored for 20 Years of Service

Bremerton, Washington – September 28, 2014. Grant Holiday, a Customer Service Representative (CSR) for Paratransit Services, was honored by the local nonprofit company for 20 years of service. Mr. Holiday first joined Paratransit Services in August 1996 as a part of its Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) call center staff. As a CSR, he helps to arrange transportation to medical appointments for Medicaid recipients, a job that requires a combination of computer skills, knowledge of Washington State NEMT program guidelines, and importantly, the ability to communicate effectively and with sensitivity with those who contact him for assistance.

After just his first year on the job, Mr. Holiday’s exceptional service was recognized with a 1997 President’s Merit Award, an honor that is given annually to acknowledge employees for outstanding individual performance and for making important contributions to the company's success. He received his second President’s Award the very next year, his third in 2003, and in 2007 he received the company’s highest professional performance appreciation award, the Bill Dane Award (named in honor of a former Paratransit Services bus driver).

Paratransit Services President/CEO David Baker presented the Award plaque “For 20 Years Dedicated Service” to Mr. Holiday during a ceremony at the Bremerton NEMT call center. In addition, as a special gift, a red Lace Leaf Japanese Maple plant was given to Mr. Holiday in appreciation of his “green thumb,” and the time he volunteers doing gardening work on the facility grounds.

Also during the ceremony, Christie Scheffer, Chief Operating Officer, expressed her appreciation for the good work he has done as part of the Paratransit Services team. She read a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that she felt was embodied by Mr. Holiday:

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

Award recipient Grant Holiday and Chief Operating Officer Christie Scheffer pose behind the Japanese Maple

Award recipient Grant Holiday and Chief Operating Officer Christie Scheffer pose behind the Japanese Maple

Four Receive 2015 President’s Merit Awards

California and Washington – May-July 2016. Each year Paratransit Services’ President selects one or more employees, from nominations submitted by management throughout the organization, for the President's Merit Award. The 2015 honorees are Troy Larsen, Livier Rodriguez, Jared Brodeur, and Teri Clizbe. During ceremonies held this year at the work location of each recipient, Troy, Livier, Jared, and Teri each received their President’s Merit Award from Paratransit Services President/CEO David Baker.

Troy Larsen became part of the Paratransit Services team in 2013 during startup of our new contract in Nevada County, California. He brought exceptional computer skills to the transition, and as our Operations Supervisor he has been instrumental in the development of our scheduling, dispatch, and tracking system for Gold Country LIFT. In nominating him for the Award, Michelle Johnson, our Grass Valley General Manager, commended Troy for his “dedication and professionalism.”

Livier Rodriguez came aboard with Paratransit Services when we began operations as the contractor for Calaveras Transit in San Andreas, California in 2011. In nominating her for the Award, our Calaveras General Manager, Cynthia Lawrence, noted that Livier is not only a safe driver, but she also helps to educate our passengers about how to use the transit system, and has “inspired many compliments over the years and is described as always kind, approachable, patient, friendly and professional.”

Jared Brodeur has been part of our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation call center team in Bremerton. Washington, since July 2007. Jared does an outstanding work in the demanding position of “Same Day Broker." In nominating Jared for the Award, Call Center General Manager, Ann Kennedy, wrote that Jared is “professional and inquisitive” and “always willing to improve the brokering process.”

Teri Clizbe joined our team in Longview, Washington in 2009 as part of our staff operating CUBS Paratransit, the ADA service for local fixed route system. Today that service is called RiverCities Lift, and Teri has become one of our most valuable dispatchers. In nominating her for the Award, our Longview General Manager, Betsy DeSpain, wrote that Teri has “superstar skills” and is “fun, energetic, and helpful to all.”

Troy, Livier, Jared, Teri

2015 President's Merit Award honorees. Clockwise from top left: Troy Larsen, Livier Rodriguez, Jared Brodeur, Teri Clizbe

Paratransit Services Honors 21st Annual “Bill Dane Award” Winner

Bremerton, Washington – June 2016. Paratransit Services has given the Bill Dane Award, its highest professional performance appreciation award, to Lisa Sims, Human Resources/Payroll/Benefits Manager based at the company’s corporate office in Bremerton, Washington. Ms. Sims becomes the 21st recipient of the annual award, which is named for the late William R. “Bill” Dane, a former Paratransit Services driver who exemplified the spirit of customer service (and who came to be affectionately known by his passengers as “the singing bus driver”).

To be eligible for the Award, which is presented to only one person each year, a candidate must have been employed by Paratransit Services for at least 5 years, and during that time have demonstrated dependability, congeniality, competency, and a professional demeanor.

In presenting Ms. Sims with the award during a June 1 ceremony at the Bremerton office, Paratransit Services Board of Directors Chairman Bill Mahan noted that Ms. Sims has displayed a “can-do, get-it-done attitude” that does not waver. He added that any time the company has work that needs to be done, Ms. Sims can be counted on to accept the challenge “and that’s really what Bill Dane was all about.”

Ms. Sims has been with Paratransit Services since 2002, when she was hired as Payroll Manager. A consistently outstanding employee, she previously received an Employee of the Quarter award in 2003, and a Customer Service Appreciation award in 2007.

Lisa Sims with Board of Directors Chairman Bill Mahan

Left to right: Award recipient Lisa Sims with Paratransit Services Board of Directors Chairman Bill Mahan.

Jean Spreng Honored for 25 Years of Service

Bremerton, Washington – July 2014. Jean Spreng, Transportation Specialist for Paratransit Services, was recently honored by the local nonprofit company for 25 years of service. Ms. Spreng, a Bremerton native and graduate of Olympic High School, started with the company in 1989 as part of the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) staff at the company’s call center and headquarters in Bremerton.

Over the past 25 years Ms. Spreng has worked in several capacities for the Paratransit Services’ NEMT program, including billing, Customer Service Representative, Brokerage Assistant, and her current position as Transportation Specialist. She has witnessed firsthand how changes in technology over the past quarter century have modernized the transportation brokering process. “When I started, the call center had just switched from manually scheduling rides using rubber bands and index cards, to computer workstations running new scheduling software,” she recalls.

During a recognition ceremony on July 22 at the Bremerton call center, Paratransit Services President/CEO David Baker expressed his deep appreciation for her dedication to the company and presented Ms. Spreng with a “25 Years of Service” pin and other gifts. Other corporate staff and members of the call center team were in attendance to congratulate Ms. Spreng.

David, Jean, Ann, and Teresa

President/CEO David Baker, Jean Spreng, Brokerage General Manager Ann Kennedy, and Brokerage Assistant General Manager Teresa Williams.