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Executive Management Team

David Baker

David Baker, President/Chief Executive Officer

David Baker brings an impressive record of accomplishment to the position of President and Chief Executive officer of Paratransit Services, and a sincere commitment to helping those who have special transportation needs. With a strong background in corporate management and finance, Mr. Baker makes valuable contributions to the effective implementation of our contracts. Mr. Baker has been with Paratransit Services since 2001. He is assisted by two Executive Vice Presidents, Christie Scheffer, EVE/Chief Operating Officer, and Darlene Riley, EVP/Chief Financial Officer.

Darlene Riley

Darlene Riley, EVP/Chief Financial Officer

Darlene Riley and her staff provide corporate support in the areas of Risk Management, Finance and Accounting, Payroll, and Technical Services. Ms. Riley was instrumental in the formation of the first Nonprofit Insurance Pool in Washington State. Through the pool, Paratransit Services is able to insure vehicles at any of our sites at manageable rates. In addition, she and her staff are available to assist our General Managers with a broad range of subjects related to bookkeeping, accounting, finance, and technical services. Ms Riley has been with Paratransit Services since 2000.

Christie Scheffer

Christie Scheffer, EVP/Chief Operating Officer

Christie Scheffer governs all operational activities relating to our services as a transportation provider and call center operator. Guided by extensive experience in transportation management, Ms. Scheffer provides direct corporate assistance to all of our General Managers. In addition, she oversees several departments that provide administrative support. Payroll and Human Resources administer wage and benefits programs, and they implement our recruitment and employee screening procedures. The Training and Safety Department develops training curriculum and safety procedures, provides on-site training at our various locations, and keeps detailed records of mandatory employee training and certifications. Ms Scheffer has been with Paratransit Services since 1999.