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Driver Training

Preparing Drivers for Success!

Before they transport their first passenger, all Paratransit Services drivers must complete a minimum of 80 hours basic driver certification training that is fully compliant with FTA and ADA requirements. At least 40 of these training hours are behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Our in-house driver training curriculum is comprehensive, and ensures that our drivers are well prepared for their jobs.

In Washington State, we offer several of our driver training classes to outside transportation providers, such as ride providers for the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation program who are required to see that their drivers are trained to program standards. These classes, listed below, are held at our corporate training center in Bremerton.

Train the Trainer Class

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To sign-up for a class please contact Alisa Durr:; 1-800-933-3468 ext 0.

Class sizes are limited to between 4 and 12 students, with the exception of First Aid/CPR/AED, which is limited to between 4 and 8 students. Training will not take place if the class does not meet the minimum size. If classes are canceled, notification will be given on the Wednesday prior to the training session.

Listed class fees and durations are subject to change.

Customer Service
Trainees are taught to recognize and attend to special needs of passengers. Also included in this course is instruction in communication techniques, including non-confrontational methods for managing difficult passengers.
3 hrs
An in-depth look is taken at issues associated with transporting passengers with special needs. Instruction ranges from interpersonal skills such as disability awareness and passenger sensitivity, to equipment related skills such as the operation of wheelchair lifts and procedures for securing wheelchairs in the bus.
8 hrs
Blood Borne Pathogens
Because transit drivers may work under conditions that expose them to blood borne pathogens, we provide instruction on the associated hazards, and the precautions they should take to protect themselves and their passengers from infection
2 hrs
Defensive Driving
This National Safety Council course provides trainees with comprehensive instruction in collision avoidance. Trainers discuss subjects such as how to adjust to adverse driving conditions, how to recognize and correct unsafe driving behavior, and how to identify and respond to aggressive driving behavior of other drivers on the road.
5 hrs
First Aid/CPR-AED
Trainees are shown how to administer aid effectively under emergency situations. They are taught how to assess the status of the person in need, and how to implement basic life support measures including airway management and circulation support. The use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is also demonstrated using a simulator.
8 hrs
Employee Substance Abuse
Topics include laws and regulations that cover testing for drug and alcohol abuse in the transit industry; safety sensitive employees; problems associated with over-the-counter and prescription medicines when used by drivers; consequences of prohibited drug use on health, safety, and the work environment; signs and symptoms that may indicate prohibited drug use; and the consequences of a “Refusal to Test.”
3 hrs
Supervisor Substance Abuse
This course is designed for individuals who will be Designated Employee Representatives or who will perform Reasonable Suspicion (fitness for duty) determinations. The Employee Substance Abuse course is a prerequisite.
3 hrs
Learn vehicle emergency procedures and evacuation techniques before you need the skills. What is the PASS System and the common sense procedures to keep fire from occurring in the vehicle you drive in the first place? We'll show you.
2 hrs
Basic Child Safety Seat
Trainees learn the correct way to help parents install child safety seats.
4 hrs

FTA Certified Driver Training Instruction

Our Safety, Training, and Audit Manager, Bill Kluth, has been with Paratransit Services since 2005. He is responsible for developing training curricula for our transit operations, and monitoring our training program to ensure that all requirements are met relating to safety, driver qualifications, vehicle operation, passenger safety, customer relations and performance. Assisted by training department staff at corporate headquarters, Mr. Kluth issues training certifications and maintains training records for all Paratransit Services personnel. He also administers our Illness and Injury Prevention Program (IIPP).

Mr. Kluth is certified by the Transportation Safety Institute to teach driver training.

Bill Kluth